What is a Virtual Run?

This is an event that you can sign up to for free. Run with us for two hours on Saturday March 10 2018 any time between 12:01am - 11:59pm. Record your run and you could be in to win one of our awesome prizes!


One of the first things I thought about when I became editor of Trail Runner is how the connections that we form when running with people enliven, inspire, and encourage us. For the large majority, running an event is about challenging ourselves whilst at the same time engaging in a meaningful way with like--minded others. We come from around Australasia to be with each other at specific times of the year, to share with each other and in doing so, the sum of the parts become greater than the whole.  Without the people, these events wouldn’t hold their wonder or “majesticalism” (Rayment 2017). Without people, Kepler is just a run. Western States? Just a run. Boston Marathon? Just a run.

We thought that we would like to put on an event that focussed on PEOPLE not PLACES. An event that anyone was free to enter, wherever they are,  with no set start time, but within a specific 24 hour period. An event where you could run with others or by yourself, you could coordinate with your friends from different time zones to run virtually together. You could run somewhere grand or head out your front door. You could run it anywhere, trail, road, gravel, anywhere.  


The idea is we all run for 120 minutes. You can run as much or as little as you like in this time period. And can do so ANY time between 12.01 AM Saturday March 10th to 11:59 PM Saturday March 10th (your time) You can run for longer if you want, but we will only count the first 120 minutes for prizes. Email us ( a link to your #KTRVIRTUALRUN within the first 24 hours and you’ll be eligible for prizes. 


This event is free to register (here) and all you have to do is log your run and submit it if you want to be considered for prizes. We would ask that you tag any of your activities with #KTRVIRTUALRUN and share on social media so we can see what you are up to.


There is merchandise to purchase if you would like and prizes to win too (to be confirmed).

Can I buy some merch to show I have taken part?

​Why yes, details will come soon, check back in the next day or so...

We'll be running the Riverhead Rampage, see you there!